Endless Custom Design

Our goal is to take the ideas of our clients, turn them into custom designs, and create high-quality, finished pieces of art that our customers will be proud of. The possibilities are endless, and our clients can have their projects made out of wood, metal, or anything else –  Asylum Woodworks can bring it to life.

And if our client has a piece that they love, but it’s in need of repair or restoration, we can bring it back to life!

The Asylum Woodworks shop has a vast array of tools, and we’re always adding more as needs and innovations arise. Our new CNC mill really adds a fantastic new facet to our projects, as precise, accurate modeling and design can now be achieved with the help of Computer Assisted Design programming.

In this section you’ll find a range of new product pages containing image galleries for Asylum Woodworks’ current products and projects, organized by category and/or type.

Please feel free to browse, and if you see anything you like, contact us.

Or if you’re interested in ordering a custom product, talk to us to discuss your project in detail.