A new product is currently in full production at Asylum Woodworks: we’re now taking orders for our range of Marijuana Rolling Trays, Display Stands, & Accessories!

Our trays are available in various sizes and styles, to fit just about any need for the connoisseur of fine smokables. Convenient pockets for various containers, papers, grinders, vape pipes etc. are are built into the trays, and they include a helpful wooden scraper to keep things tidy.

Some samples can be seen on our ‘Products and Projects’ page, or you can download the PDF brochure for more info and images.

A burlap bag is also included to afford a little protection for transport, or just to keep it on the down-low, and the trays also include a helpful wooden scraper to keep things tidy.

Our trays are customizable so if you need a different layout or sizing for pockets, personalized engraving, etc., just ask.

For retail stores, a custom wooden display stand is available to fit your space, and we can also make display units for other items, such as pipes, rolling papers, etc.

Call Gina on 250 253 1035 for more information, or email gina@asylumwoodworks.ca.