As always, like most, we’ve all had to keep up with the ever changing technologies and trends that sweep across our lives on a daily basis. The things that don’t change are still available though. Pride of workmanship and the love of creation is abundant more now than ever before, and new technologies combined with the former is a recipe for design heights and quality never previously attained.

We’ve embraced those new technologies at Asylum, and want to share the excitement with you. Soon, we will be adding a 3D CNC mill to further the scale of our capabilities even more.

We take pride in our products and source only the finest Canadian made or produced hardwoods for our products. However, more and more exotic materials are now available, such as Purple Heart, Zebra Wood, and a multitude of other incredible species from around the world, so we are always continuing to expand our scope of design.

We welcome new ideas for conception and love suggestions on how to improve everything we do. We only strive for one thing: a happiness in creating fine woodwork design, and then passing that happiness on to our customers.