Welcome to the Asylum Woodworks blog page, where over the coming months we’ll be discussing all kinds of topics related to Asylum, woodworking, metalworking, craftsmanship in general, and much more.

We’ll be going into detail on our products, deals & events; some craftsmanship how-to’s and hint’s-and-tips, how we work, some of our tools and processes, how we source the best quality materials, where to see and purchase our products, how to place a custom order, and of course, how to look after your product once you’ve taken it home so that it lasts a lifetime!

But let’s start by introducing our website. At present, we have a gallery of some of our work on our home page, but very soon we’ll be creating a ‘products’ section where you can see more of our current inventory, and later in the year we’ll be rolling out the Asylum Woodworks web store, so your can purchase our products online at your convenience.

The contact us page on our site contains a simple form as well as our phone and email, and you can also find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too, so there are many ways to find out about our products, stay in touch. and to follow what’s going on here at the Asylum!