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Design & creation of custom and bespoke woodwork & metalwork items and projects, bringing your ideas to life!
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Hand made wooden picnic bench and gazebo
Asylum Woodworks fully equipped workshop.

Endless Custom Design

The goal for our clients is to take their custom designs and turn them into high-quality, finished pieces of art. The possibilities are endless, and if it can be made out of wood or metal – or anything else for that matter –  Asylum Woodworks can bring it to life, or even back to life if it’s in need of restoration. From the smallest of projects to the ones we cannot even lift, we can do it!

The shop has a vast array of tools, collected over the years, and we’re always adding more as needs and innovations arise. A CNC mill has recently been purchased, which really adds a fantastic new facet to our projects, as precise, accurate modeling and design can now be achieved with Computer Assisted Design programming.

Our work ranges from retail store display units, to furniture, indoor-and-outdoor decorative items, birdhouses, clocks, coasters, charcuterie boards, framed pictures, game boards, wooden greetings cards, and much much more, some of which can be seen in the gallery below; if there’s anything that catches your eye, just let us know. Or contact us for information on purchasing or custom orders.